Liberty Battery Express

Make changing your vehicle's battery the easiest thing you do today

With Liberty Battery Express you:

Get the instant help you need with a JUMP START or BATTERY CHANGE.

Skip the hectic and expensive dealership experience.

Have installation done WHERE you need it and WHEN it’s convenient.
With services the auto parts chains can’t provide.

Fair and transparent pricing upfront with options that fit every budget.

Get a minimum 18 month

Liberty Battery Express

Here’s More

Done Right

We test your battery and provide you a copy of the health check. If replacement is needed, we save all you vehicles presets, remove and recycle your old battery, install the EXACT Interstate Battery your vehicle needs, reprogram your vehicles ECM to the new batteries specs if needed, and provide you will all your new battery’s warranty information.


Our delivery and installation service is less expensive, more convenient, and far less pressure than visiting your local dealer. We provide you an installed price up front with no hidden costs or unnecessary up sells.
You choose the level of battery that makes sense for you and your budget, we have batteries that fit every need and wallet.


Every one of our Interstate Batteries comes with a minimum of 18 Months warranty and many go as high as 48 month so you can rest assured you’re getting what you paid for.


The exact Interstate Battery your vehicle needs, delivered wherever you need it, and at a price that will make you smile. Book online or over the phone 24/7 and get service in as little as an hour.

We proudly carry and install only Interstate Batteries

Liberty Battery express